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"One day in 1957, Andrew L. Pansini was working around the swimming pool, hosing off the deck when he accidentally dropped the garden hose into the pool. Of course, most people would have simply pulled the hose out of the pool and continued their work. But my dad, like his father, saw things differently. That is when he had his own life-altering vision. He invented the world’s first automatic pool cleaner. A product that would change an entire industry."

"Trust, integrity and positive attitude defined Mr. Pansini and was the foundation for his approach to business. Always focused on taking care of his customers even when it wasn’t the company’s fault. Customers knew Jandy would always stand by their products. Exceeding customers’ expectation philosophy was essential to Jandy’s growth."

"The Great Recession of 2008 really hurt the pool industry. The housing bubble popped and new home construction came to a standstill. Pool builders and manufacturers were struggling to survive."

"There are three different types of companies: product and/or technology dominated, operation excellence or customer intimate type companies. In order to be successful you need to be good at all three, but excellent companies excel in one category. When you think of Apple you think about the product dominance; when you think of Walmart you think of operational excellence. Jandy was customer intimacy. The company slogan was “Performance Beyond Your Expectations”."

"It was the innovative spirit of the company that propelled Jandy into an industry leading position. If initial idea for the automatic pool cleaner was analogous to the electric light bulb, then this was like Edison’s first movie projector, a subsequent evolutionary step that changed an industry."

"The story of the Pansini family sets a historic example of the power of imagination. From the development of the first paid-parking facilities in the early 20th Century that “started with a nickel,” to key technical innovations that drove growth of swimming pool and aquatics industry, Andrew A. Pansini’s account of his father’s and grandfather’s history is as far-reaching as it is personal. "

ERIC HERMAN, Senior Editor, AQUA Magazine

"A fascinating book that captures the entrepreneurial spirit and vision of an all American family dynasty. Read how Mr. Andrew L. Pansini inventing and business genius helped shape and change several industries. "


"An informative story showing the application of the fundamentals needed to create products and grow a business while maintaining a strong family life. A great guide to keeping one's professional and private life balanced for success and happiness. "


"An inspirational book about the American dream, amazing how just one person with an entrepreneurial spirit can impact so many during their life and beyond."