About the Book

Coaching for Life

“Coaching for Life” opens our awareness that we have been given the gift of knowledge and experience, and we can choose to use this resource to improve the world for those around us, and ultimately for ourselves.



"The heroes from the Santa Rosa Tubbs Fire in 2017 were healthcare workers risking their own life to save others. Kaiser doctor, Dr. Witt, whose home burned during the fire and he escaped with his motorcycle through the fire directly to the hospital surrounded by the flames. He was in charge of the Neonatal Intensive Care unit and he was able to securely evacuate every baby to a nearby hospital leading the caravan through the firestorm on his motorcycle."

"You never know when life is going to throw you a curve ball, one you never saw coming. Suddenly everything stops, and you are hit with a tragedy that changes your life forever."

"Listen to that inner voice, dig deep to uncover the way you can help a sick friend and take that extra step. You will always know that you did the right thing, and nothing can take that away from you."