About the Book

Fathers of Invention

Andrew L. Pansini was an inventor, businessman and devoted family man. He invented the automatic pool cleaner and was founder of Jandy Industries, an innovative manufacturer of pool and spa equipment that is widely credited for creating a range of products that forever changed and improved the industry. He was also instrumental in the success of Savoy Corporation, the world’s first paid parking company created by his father Andrew Pansini, Sr. in the early 20th Century. “Fathers of Invention” authored by his son, Andrew A. Pansini, former Jandy CEO and current CEO and president of Savoy, is the engaging success story of a family that embodies the American values of hard work, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.



"One day in 1957, Andrew L. Pansini was working around the swimming pool, hosing off the deck when he accidentally dropped the garden hose into the pool. Of course, most people would have simply pulled the hose out of the pool and continued their work. But my dad, like his father, saw things differently. That is when he had his own life-altering vision. He invented the world’s first automatic pool cleaner. A product that would change an entire industry."

"Trust, integrity and positive attitude defined Mr. Pansini and was the foundation for his approach to business. Always focused on taking care of his customers even when it wasn’t the company’s fault. Customers knew Jandy would always stand by their products. Exceeding customers’ expectation philosophy was essential to Jandy’s growth."

"The Great Recession of 2008 really hurt the pool industry. The housing bubble popped and new home construction came to a standstill. Pool builders and manufacturers were struggling to survive."