The story of the Pansini family sets a historic example of the power of imagination. From the development of the first paid-parking facilities in the early 20th Century that “started with a nickel,” to key technical innovations that drove growth of swimming pool and aquatics industry, Andrew A. Pansini’s account of his father’s and grandfather’s history is as far-reaching as it is personal.


A fascinating book that captures the entrepreneurial spirit and vision of an all American family dynasty. Read how Mr. Andrew L. Pansini inventing and business genius helped shape and change several industries.

Vance Gillette

City, State

An informative story showing the application of the fundamentals needed to create products and grow a business while maintaining a strong family life. A great guide to keeping one's professional and private life balanced for success and happiness.

Gene Pecci

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An inspirational book about the American dream, amazing how just one person with an entrepreneurial spirit can impact so many during their life and beyond.

Scott Frost

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